Robert E. Lee Descendant: Bannon Talking About Illegal Aliens Makes ‘Christianity’ a Bad Word

Monday on ABC’s “The View,” Rev. Robert Wright Lee IV, a descendant of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee,  said “Christianity” has become a bad word because Steve Bannon is “talking about stuff like illegal aliens.”

Lee, who was forced out of his North Carolina church after supporting racial justice at the MTV awards, said, “I do know something that’s true about the church: white Christianity is having trouble dealing with what’s going on in our nation today. We’re having trouble talking about these issues of race, of reconciliation, of reparations, of redemption. We have trouble finding the vocabulary to speak about these issues. But I want it said about me that there was a Lee in history who spoke about what was right instead of a General Lee who spoke up for what was wrong.”

He continued, “We have to shift the narrative. We have to say there’s a different way of doing church that is not what we once thought it was. You got all kinds people in the news that are supposedly church leaders. Let’s get people in the news doing Christianity right.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin said, “I’m a Catholic, I’m a Christian and Christianity has somehow become a bad word.”

Lee said, “I think it’s become a bad word because we’ve done it to ourselves. We hear Steve Bannon talking about stuff like illegal aliens. People are people. They’re not illegal. That’s the thing we have to remember. We have to engage in this conversation in such a way we’re saying this is not the church I know. I know a Jesus who is liberating an and offering us hope.”

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