‘Shattered’ Co-Author: Hillary’s Book Is ‘Page After Page’ ‘Where It’s Always Someone Else’s Fault’

On Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Jonathan Allen, who co-authored the book “Shattered” about Hillary Clinton’s campaign, stated that in Clinton’s book “What Happened,” there is “page after page after page where it’s always someone else’s fault.”

Allen said, “I think the big thing here is, she talks about taking responsibility, talks about her weakness as a candidate a little bit, but basically comes back to the idea that she lost this election primarily because of Jim Comey and Vladimir Putin.”

He continued, “[T]hat’s really the underlying theme that comes out. I mean, even when she’s not saying it directly, you just go through page after page after page where it’s always someone else’s fault. There were a lot of factors in this campaign. And you can argue, with the closeness of it, that almost anything was determinative at the end. But she doesn’t talk about — a whole lot about how she didn’t really have a message that was about the people rather about herself. She talks about the email server at length. But at the end, she says it was a dumb mistake but a dumber scandal. So, she sort of exonerates herself there as well. There’s a lot of self-exoneration.”

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