CNN’s Collins: Spicer’s Emmy Crowd Size Joke ‘Did Not Sit Well With Me’

On Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Wolf,” CNN White House Reporter Kaitlan Collins stated she didn’t find former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s joke about the crowd size at the Emmys funny and said that the joke didn’t sit well with her.

After seeing a clip of Spicer joking that the Emmys had the largest audience ever, Collins said, “I did not find it humorous at all. As someone who sat in that press briefing room every day that Sean Spicer was the press secretary, I just don’t think it’s humorous when the former White House spokesman comes out, at this awards show, with all these Hollywood celebrities that they often rail against, to make fun of the fact — and you know, pretty much admit that he lied to the American people, while he was being paid by the American people to be a spokesman for the White House.”

She later added, “Isn’t it interesting that now that he’s washed his hands of the White House, he can make light of the fact that came out there, to that podium, and trotted out this misinformation to people who trust someone like that who represents the president. It’s a very grave position, and you have a lot of responsibility. So, him making light of it just did not sit well with me.”

CNN Chief Political Analyst Gloria Borger said that the ceremony may have helped Spicer’s image, but didn’t help Hollywood. She explained that it looks like Hollywood is “in on the joke” that Spicer wasn’t telling the truth from the podium.

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