Albright: Trump’s UN Speech ‘Weakened America’ and ‘Strengthened Kim Jong-Un’

On Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright argued President Trump’s UN speech weakened the US while strengthening Kim Jong-Un

Albright praised the fact that Trump spoke well of the UN. She continued, “I think it was actually two speeches. One in which somebody had written about the history of the UN and the importance of it. And the other written in a way to be much more nationalistic. I think kind of going up and talking about America first, in that location, and then having listened to many speeches there, the tone of it was really bad, I think. And in so many ways, I think we all want to make sure that America’s strong, but I think his speech weakened America.”

She later added, “[I]t will hurt, ultimately. And, in terms of the multilateral –, I know people don’t like the world ‘multilateralism.’ It has too many syllables and ends in an ‘ism.’ But mostly, it is about partnerships and sharing the burden. And I think that then, he has to do that kind of work. And then, I do think the language, generally, that he used was so harsh that I think, in some ways, it strengthened Kim Jong-Un, made him the center of attention.”

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