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CNN’s Ana Navarro: Trump’s Puerto Rico Tweets ‘Unconscionable,’ He Needs to ‘Shut Up’


Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” network contributor Ana Navarro said President Donald Trump’s tweets about the response to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria were  “unconscionable.”

Navarro said, “I think the tweets are unconscionable. I think they’re unacceptable and there’s no justifying them. These people are in great distress.”

She continued, “They were slow. They were inadequate. It was inappropriate when it came to Puerto Rico. This is an island where people cannot evacuate. They were in terrible distress to begin with. They needed more. They should not have taken days and days for the USS Comfort to make its way there. It should not have taken a public campaign for the Jones Act to be reversed so that shipping could go there. So there’s been so many things. The president of the United states should not have been tweeting about the NFL. He should not have been doing useless political rallies in Alabama. He should have been laser-focused on the 3.5 million American citizens that are in peril and in distress and such great danger right now.”

She added, “The President of the United States is the biggest fish in this structure, right? He’s got the biggest bully pulpit of all. And if he wants unity of command, even if he thinks he’s being maligned by the mayor of San Juan, he’s got to shut up.”

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