Scarborough Floats Removing Trump From Office — ‘There’s Something Called the 25th Amendment’

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough urged Republican senators need to “take immediate action” to limit President Donald Trump’s “ability to launch nuclear weapons.”

He proposed invoking the 25th Amendment to remove Trump office, given Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) had already suggested Trump could start World War III.

Scarborough said, “Every Republican senator on Capitol Hill has the record before them. What we’ve said on our show last August, what Willie was talking about from I think 1984, what Donald Trump said on “Hardball” during the heat of the campaign, again he said, if we have these nuclear when importance, why can’t we use them? Calling for a tenfold increase in nuclear weapons, having is most powerful Republican on Capitol Hill saying Donald Trump’s erratic words and actions are leading us towards World War III—could lead us towards World War III. They are not pushing back to that reality.”

He continued, “So at what point do you step forward as a delegation and do what Barry Goldwater did at the White House in 1974 and told Richard Nixon it was over. They don’t have to go over and tell Donald Trump that it is over. But a delegation of Republicans need to go over to the White House and tell the president either you assure us that the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the United States Senate is wrong or we are going to take immediate action to limit your ability to launch nuclear weapons? And it won’t be what General Hayden said last year; it will no longer be a system built more for speed than for rationality. These Republicans senators in the middle of October 2017 have that responsibility for millions and millions of Americans and others across the globe. And if they can’t do that, then there’s something called the 25th amendment that they’re going to have to start looking at. This is not acceptable as the status quo. We have the most powerful Republican on Capitol Hill saying the president of the United States could be leading us towards nuclear war. And Republican Senators remain silent.”

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