Tucker Carlson: Lisa Bloom Is the ‘Al Sharpton of the Feminist Movement’

Monday during his opening remarks, Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson criticized high-profile attorney Lisa Bloom for the public stands she takes as a “fiery champion of the oppressed,” which is often at odds with who she has taken on as a client.

The host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” called Bloom the “Al Sharpton of the feminist movement.”

Partial transcript as follows:

Celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom sells herself as a fiery champion of the oppressed. Bloom once sued the Catholic Church over its sex abuse scandal.

She sued the Boy Scouts because of the time they didn’t admit girls. She represented one of Bill Cosby’s accusers and three women who said Bill O’Reilly sexually harassed them. She is on television all the time — the Al Sharpton of the feminist movement. And in the case of Harvey Weinstein, Lisa Bloom took the side of the predator over the prey, likely because the price was right.

In the original New York Times piece exposing Weinstein’s behavior, Bloom appears as Weinstein’s attorney, advisor, confidante, explainer in chief. She tried to explain away his behavior as the fumblings of the confused relic from an earlier age. In her words, an old dinosaur learning new ways. According to Lisa Bloom, Weinstein didn’t realize that groping terrified women might be perceived as, quote, “intimidating.”

Well, within days, the public outcry over Weinstein’s crimes became so intense that Lisa Bloom, sensing diminishing returns, fled the scene. She began denouncing Weinstein herself. She really had no idea how bad Harvey was, she said. Right. But now new reports indicate that Lisa Bloom’s PR campaign for Harvey Weinstein may have gone well beyond spin into something much darker.

In a Facebook post over the weekend, actress Rose McGowan who says Harvey Weinstein raped her accused Lisa Bloom of something approaching bribery. McGowan says Bloom contacted her and offered secret payments if she would recant and declare Harvey Weinstein a changed man. Lisa Bloom denies this. Are her denials believable? We’ll let you decide. But before you do decide, consider a long and well-sourced piece in the Columbia Journal’s Review this weekend accuses Lisa Bloom of similar behavior and yet another sexual harassment case.

This is of an Amazon entertainment executive recently fired for propositioning a colleague. As in the case of Harvey Weinstein, Lisa Bloom was paid to provide moral cover for a man accused of predatory misdeeds against women. His career in jeopardy, he hired Lisa Bloom to explain away his problems. And because she is precisely that kind of feminist for hire, Lisa Bloom took the job.

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