Ingraham on ‘Nothing-Burger’ Manafort Indictment: ‘If They Had Something on Trump, That Would Be the Indictment Today’

Monday on her nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Laura Ingraham dismissed claims that today’s announcement of a 12-count indictment aimed at former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his associate Rick Gates was a “bad day” for President Donald Trump.

According to Ingraham, if special counsel Robert Mueller had anything on Trump, today’s indictment would have been his and not Manafort and Gates.

“The idea that this is a bad day for Trump because it in any way alludes to a collusion with Russia — you’ve got to be living on another planet if you think that. That’s just not what this is about. And maybe it’s an attempt as Saul Weisenberg said earlier on the show, who is a deputy counsel for Ken Starr during the Whitewater-Lewinsky investigation. He said this is a classic attempt to twist Manafort, put the big squeeze on him and Gates, try to get them to give something up on Trump.”

“They don’t have anything on Trump,” she continued. “If they had something on Trump, that would be the indictment today. They would have something on Kushner or any of these other characters, but they don’t. So they go for Manafort and Gates. So we’ll see. I mean, we don’t know anything more than we see in these 31 pages, but as far as a smoking gun that in any way casts aspersions on Donald Trump — it’s a nothing-burger.”

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