Turley: I Don’t See How You Can Investigate Trump and Not Clinton or Vice Versa

On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “The Story,” George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley argued that both President Trump and Hillary Clinton should be investigated and he doesn’t see how one can be investigated while the other isn’t. Turley further expressed skepticism that either Trump or Clinton could be charged with a crime.

Turley said, “Well, for many months I’ve been objecting to what I see as a reinterpretation of criminal laws, adopting such low and amorphous standards that you could charge anybody with most anything, and that’s dangerous. There’s this cottage industry of coming up with crimes that you can charge President Trump with. and the result, I think, is that we’re going into a very dangerous period where we’re using criminal laws as an extension of politics.”

He continued, “But what is curious is that now that Hillary Clinton and her campaign happened to be accused of, very similar types of conduct, in some respects, many of these same experts are retreating to the narrowness of the criminal code, and saying you can’t extend the code that far, and there’s really no need to investigate. I just don’t think you can have it both ways. It seems to me at this point, and I supported the appointment of special counsel, I think you have to investigate all of this. Because the American people are divided. They have no faith at all in the political system, or their leaders. The best the government can offer is really some answers, and I don’t see how you can investigate one side and not the other at this point.”

Turley further stated, “[W]hat’s very odd is that some of the things that Hillary Clinton is accused of do not require the same type of gymnastic linguistics that we saw on the Trump side. It doesn’t mean that she’s guilty of a crime. I’m skeptical that either of these politicians could be charged with a crime, either Trump or Clinton.”

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