Frank Schaeffer: Evangelicals Are Treating Women Like South Africa Treated Black People in Apartheid

During a Saturday panel discussion on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” about Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Roy Moore sexual assault allegations, author Frank Schaeffer accused evangelicals of treating women the same South Africans treated black people during the apartheid era.

“The evangelicals are experts at discounting women’s points of views,” Schaffer, the son of an evangelical preacher, stated.

He added that evangelicals take the writings of Paul as “women should sit down and shut up in church and not be heard from — and not just church, any situation, and be in obedience to your husband,” which he likened to the apartheid era where blacks were not seen equally as whites.

“[Y]ou could have 20 black witnesses talking about a cop taking someone out and beating them to death [and] none of it counted because they weren’t full human beings,” Schaeffer said. “Evangelicals treat women that way, discount what they say and now are preaching moral relativism. I just want that to sink in to the audience, moral relativism being preached from evangelicals.”

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