Gloria Allred Calls on Roy Moore to Appear Before Senate Ethics Committee Before the Election

Thursday on NBC’s “Megyn Kelly Today,” Gloria Allred, a lawyer representing Alabama U.S. Senate hopeful Roy Moore accuser Beverly Young Nelson, volunteered her client to testify before either the Senate Ethics Committee or the Senate Judiciary Committee on the allegations of sexual misconduct.

However, Allred said that offer was contingent on Moore testifying as well and could be done so before his December 12 election.

Partial transcript as follows:

ALLRED: We have said, Megyn, previously that we’re happy to have her voluntarily testify before the Senate Select Committee on Ethics and the Senate Judiciary Committee, to raise her hand to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

KELLY: And they won’t do it because he is not yet a senator.

ALLRED: And, but we also said as long as Roy Moore is subpoenaed to testify, as well, to raise his hand and take the … they could do it. And I wrote a letter to both of the committees and asked them to do it. And I checked with both a Republican and a Democrat. And I can tell you, a very leading Republican, former congressman, chair of the House Rules Committee, David Dreier. And I said, “Could they have a hearing now before the election?” And he said, “Absolutely, they could choose to do that.”

KELLY: They don’t want to.

ALLRED: Exactly. That’s true.

KELLY: Right now, this headache belongs to the voters of Alabama, and he is winning in the polls at the moment.

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