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Gloria Allred

Moore Strategist Young: Allegations Against Candidate ‘Falling Apart’

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Alabama GOP U.S. Senate hopeful Roy Moore’s chief political strategist Dean Young said the sexual misconduct accusations against Moore were “falling apart.” Young said, “Well what he’s been accused of is falling apart. On Friday

Moore Strategist Dean Young

Deace: The American Bar Association Should Launch Ethics Investigation into Gloria Allred

Reasonable people can certainly disagree on whether or not they believe the allegations leveled against U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore. Especially in the #MeToo era, as scores of women are rightfully coming forward for a long-overdue reckoning with Hollywood, Washington, the media, and other halls of elite power that ignored sexual misconduct for far too long.

Photo by: Dennis Van Tine/STAR MAX/IPx 2017 10/25/17 Actress Natassia Malthe (with her attorney Gloria Allred) at a press conference alleging that Harvey Weinstein raped her in a London hotel after a Bafta awards ceremony, in the latest claim of sexual assault by the disgraced movie mogul. In the latest of …

Don Jr. Blasts Gloria Allred After Bombshell Admission of Forgery

Donald “Don” Trump Jr., the president’s eldest son, unloaded on leftist celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred Friday, after it became clear her star client, Judge Roy Moore accuser Beverly Young Nelson, forged portions of her “proof” yearbook inscription.

The Associated Press

If Gloria Allred Knew Yearbook Note Was Forged, She May Have Violated California Bar Rules

Gloria Allred, the feminist attorney and Democratic Party activist who represented Beverly Young Nelson last month when the latter accused Alabama Republican U.S. Senate nominee Roy Moore of sexual assault several decades ago, may have violated the Rules of Professional Conduct of the California Bar if she knew that a key piece of evidence she presented to the public was a partial forgery — as it has subsequently proved to be.

Gloria Allred at Democratic National Convention (Joel Pollak / Breitbart News)

EXCLUSIVE – Ultimatum: Roy Moore Gives Gloria Allred 48 Hours to Release Yearbook, Demands Evidence Be Preserved

Birmingham, ALABAMA — An attorney for senatorial candidate Roy Moore has given lawyer and activist Gloria Allred forty-eight hours to release to the custody of an independent examiner the original copy of a yearbook that contains the only piece of physical evidence to be presented in the cases of numerous women who have gone public with stories alleging inappropriate conduct between Moore and teenage girls.