Moore Strategist Young: Allegations Against Candidate ‘Falling Apart’

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Alabama GOP U.S. Senate hopeful Roy Moore’s chief political strategist Dean Young said the sexual misconduct accusations against Moore were “falling apart.”

Young said, “Well what he’s been accused of is falling apart. On Friday one one of your shows, the lady, Gloria Allred’s client, was trotted out there again to tell the world, ‘Hey, I was misleading all y’all.’ It need to be clear to the people of America and especially the people of Alabama that their stories are falling apart. If she told you one thing weeks ago,now she’s coming out with Gloria Allred and the Gloria Allred circus saying Judge Moore didn’t right all this I’m sorry about that.”

He added, “Well, let’s just put this way. Somebody’s not telling the truth. And it’s not Judge Moore. Everybody in Alabama knowns Judge Moore’s been telling the truth the whole time. This is absolute proof that this woman went on TV, national TV, with Gloria Allred, of all people, somebody from California, trying to influence the elections in Alabama, went on tv and told the whole world that Judge Moore wrote all of that. Now she’s coming back two, three days before the election saying, I’m wrong, he didn’t write all of that. Somebody is not telling the truth. It’s not Judge Moore. We believe he’s been telling the truth the entire time. This is just evidence that he’s been telling the truth.”

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