CNN’s Tapper: Trump Supporters, Fox News Using ‘Incredibly Extremist’ Anti-FBI Rhetoric

Friday on CNN’s “The Lead,”  host Jake Tapper discussed President Donald Trump saying “people are very, very angry” about FBI special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

Tapper accused Fox News hosts of using “incredibly extremist rhetoric” to impugn the credibility of Mueller and the entire FBI.

Tapper said, “Who? What people? I’ll tell you who. Those whom the President pays the closest attention to, his supporters.”

After playing a montage of Fox News clips that included Sean Hannity and Jeanine Pirro, Tapper continued, “A KGB-type operation, a third-world country, worse than Watergate, a banana republic, so by ‘people who are very angry,’ the president is referring to those who are true believers in him and/or those who have a career interest in such decidedly pro-Trump biases, they think nothing of this incredibly extremist rhetoric of impugning the credibility of Bob Mueller and Justice Department officials and the entire FBI? A hearty congratulations to all the graduates out there at the FBI academy at Quantico. Good look out there.”

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