NY Gov Cuomo: GOP Tax Law Potentially ‘Unconstitutional,’ ‘Double Taxation’

Thursday on CNN’s “New Day,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) said the Republican tax law could be unconstitutional “double taxation.”

Cuomo said, “One of the devilish things in the bill, they eliminate the deductibility of state taxes, and it is a mouthful but what it says is up until now, over 100 years, you pay the local tax and state tax and deducted that from your federal tax, and they are eliminating that. You are now paying two taxes. You pay a tax to the [state] or local government, and then the federal government taxes that tax. It happens to occur coincidentally only in blue states only Democratic states.”

He continued, “The Senate has no senators from Democratic states, blue states. This tax provision hits the blue states by eliminating the state and local tax deductibility and uses that money to finance the tax cut in the red states. This is the most partisan divisive legislation we have seen.”

“I’m not even sure what they did is legal and constitutional, and that’s something we are looking at now,” he added. “You can’t penalize my state because of its political affiliation. There has never been a double taxation before in the history of the nation, so there are legitimate grounds.”

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