Dershowitz: Mueller Would Go After Hillary With the Same Zeal But Some of the People on His Team Wouldn’t

On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz argued Special Counsel Robert Mueller isn’t a partisan and would be going after Hillary Clinton with the same zeal he’s going after President Trump, but that isn’t true of some of the people on Mueller’s team.

Dershowitz said, “I would have thought that maybe Mueller would be less partisan. I don’t think he’s partisan. I don’t think he cares whether the Democrats or the Republicans benefit from this. But I think he’s a zealous prosecutor. And if he were going after Hillary Clinton, he’d be going after her with as much zeal. Now, that’s not true of some of the people on his staff. He should never have allowed these people to serve on this investigative staff if they had the points of view that they’ve had toward Hillary Clinton and toward Donald Trump. That was the mistake. When you’re going after a president or a presidential candidate, you have to be Caesar’s wife. You have to be above reproach. And he didn’t do a good enough job in vetting the people that he brought onto the prosecution and investigative team. And that hurts his credibility.”

Dershowitz added Mueller “shouldn’t step down. What he should do is bring on board an ethics adviser to make sure none of these problems recur again. … I think at this point, he’s going to lean over backwards to make sure he’s perceived as fair. Because so many people think there’s at least the perception of bias against Trump in the investigation.”

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