Dowd: Trump, Religious Right Have ‘Drastically Diminished’ America’s ‘Moral Authority’

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” network political analyst Matthew Dowd said the religious right and President Donald Trump had “drastically diminished” America’s “moral authority.”

When asked what was undiscovered by the press in the last year Dowd said, “The moral authority of the United States and specifically defined in the religious right, which has lost, I think much of its moral authority. Our moral authority in the world has been drastically diminished.”

He continued, “Our ability to even engage in the conversation with how we have acted as a country and how the president has acted has diminished our ability to communicate on any of this.  How can we talk about what’s going on Iran when we don’t talk about what goes on in Russia, we don’t talk about what goes on in Turkey, we don’t talk about what goes on in Saudi Arabia and all the places with human rights violations ?”

He added, “That moral authority is tied directly to the president’s actions and the religious right that has always felt it has a moral authority no longer has a moral authority in the United States.”

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