Michael Wolff: ‘Yes,’ Trump Is Sexist, Racist

Monday on MSNBC, “Fire & Fury” author Michael Wolff said he believed President Donald Trump was both sexist and racist.

Partial transcript as follows:

TUR: What is his relationship with women

WOLFF: Donald Trump’s relationship with women?

TUR: How does he feel about women?

WOLFF: I think we — I mean, from the evidence, we can probably deduce how he feels about women. He feels probably — treats them and thinks of them as transactional a way as he thinks about everything.

TUR: I want to get through a couple other ones. Do you think he’s sexist?

WOLFF: I mean, I — that’s — Yes.

TUR: Do you think he’s racist?

WOLFF: Um yes I do.

TUR:  Xenophobic?

WOLFF: Xenophobic, what does that mean?

TUR: Afraid of the other.

WOLFF: Yeah.

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