Wolff: Trump Is Not Fit to Be President

On Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” “Fire and Fury” author Michael Wolff argued President Trump is not fit to be president and is only interested in himself and immediate gratification.

Co-host Joe Scarborough asked, “Is Donald Trump fit to be president, from everything you’ve seen?”

Wolff answered, “No.”

Scarborough asked why, and Wolff answered, “It’s essentially what the story of the book is. But in brief, because…he’s only interested in — not only is he only interested in just himself, he’s just interested in his immediate gratification in this moment. There is nothing beyond that.”

Scarborough then asked Wolff, “Temperamentally aside, is he mentally fit to be president of the United States, based on everything that you’ve heard from people who work with him day in and day out?”

Wolff responded, “Every time you speak to him, you think, ‘This is a wingnut.’ I mean, this is — there is something really alarming, in ways that you cannot even begin to describe. It’s like you’re riveted to the seat.”

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