SNL Skit Asks if Anything Matters Anymore Regarding Trump News

During this week’s NBC broadcast of “Saturday Night Live,” guest host Jessica Chastain played the role of a host in a mock game show called, “Does It Even Matter Anymore?”

Contestants were posed with deciding if it would matter if the president of the United States did certain acts, such as referring to “African countries as poo-poo holes,” sleeping with a porn star before being in office or firing FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating him.

As answers continued to be that no, it would not matter, Chastain’s character went off the rails, shouting “fake news” and chugging alcohol.

“You’d think Trump supporters would get mad, but then Trump blurts out, ‘Chuck Schumer did it,’ and everyone believes him,” she said. “It doesn’t even matter anymore. Fake news, fake news!”

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