Sen Kamala Harris on SOTU: Truth Was ‘Lacking,’ Trump Scapegoated Immigrants

In an appearance on MSNBC following President Donald Trump’s delivery of the State of the Union address, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) said she “found the truth lacking” and accused Trump of scapegoating immigrants.

Harris said, “You know, I think that we all know that the American public right now is full of distrust about its government and its leaders, and we need folks who speak the truth. And I found the truth lacking there the State of the Union tonight. And it’s unfortunate that so much needs to be talked about that Americans are experiencing. Whether it be their economic truth. The tax bill that is passed is benefitting corporations in the top 1% to the exclusion of working families in this country.

“I think we need to speak truth about Russia. and of course, there was no mention about the threat Russia poses to our national security, much less any conversation about what it has already done to interfere with the election of the president of the United States of America,” she continued. “The truth was lacking around a conversation who is benefitting economically in terms of bonuses in the statement. We know that 84 percent of the stocks owned in this country are owned by 10 percent of the population so this whole trickle down theory yet again is a false suggestion to the American public in terms of what they will benefit and how they will benefit economically. So I found the truth lacking in many respects in this State of the Union.

She added, “I’m a career prosecutor. I have personally prosecuted everything from low-level offenses to homicides as the Attorney General of California, one of my main areas of focus was going after transnational criminal organizations who are engaged in trafficking guns, drugs, and human beings. MS-13 is an example of some of to equate that with DREAMers and DACA was completely irresponsible. And it was scapegoating, and it was fear mongering. And it was wrong. It was wrong. It was wrong technically in terms of the nature and character of these populations and in terms of the difference in terms of who they are and how they live their lives. And it was wrong because that’s not what leaders are supposed to do. We’re not supposed to convince the American public of policy because we make them afraid. And that’s what this president apparently thinks he needs to do and it’s irresponsible.”

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