Mo Brooks: I’d Rather Spend Money on Soldiers Than on a Parade

On Wednesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “OutFront,” Representative Mo Brooks (R-AL) slammed the Senate budget deal and argued that federal dollars should be spent on improving the military and not a military parade.

Brooks said, “When you have the kind of insolvency risks that America faces, every penny that the federal government spends is important and you have to prioritize. Would you rather spend that money on ammunition or weapon’s capabilities for our soldiers who are risking their lives, or would you rather spend it on a parade? Personally, I’d rather spend it on the things that help train our soldiers, make them better warfighters, and also empower them to win with minimal loss of life when we ask them to go into combat. That’s my preference.”

Brooks also stated that there’s “No chance” he’ll support the Senate budget deal, calling it a “major step towards” “debilitating insolvency and bankruptcy, thereby destroying a country that it took our ancestors centuries to build.”

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