Tucker Carlson on Media’s Kim Yo Jong ‘Crush’: ‘Progressives Have a Long and Dishonorable History of Supporting the World’s Most Repressive Regimes’

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson opened the program with a critique of the media’s coverage of the North Korean presence in Pyeongchang for the Winter Olympics.

He described it as a crush and went on to show a historical track record of the press showing support for “the world’s most repressive regimes.”

Transcript as follows:

CARLSON: You may think the media are only capable of skepticism and loathing but think again. Journalists can love too. Their latest crush: the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea. Kim Yo Jong, whose brother is the undisputed Stalinist dictator of that hermit kingdom, is at the Winter Olympics this week. And according to the press, she is a huge star — a bigger star even than our vice president, Mike Pence or for that matter a bigger star than any of the actual athletes.

Don’t believe it? Consider some of these descriptions — from The Washington Post: The Ivanka Trump of North Korea captivates. From CNN, she is stealing the show. The New York Times says she turns on the charm. Reuters, the newswire, meanwhile, writes this, quote: “North Korea has emerged as the early favorite to grab one of the Winter Olympics most important medals, the diplomatic gold.” Ugh.

While reporters gushed over the last totalitarian state, Mike Pence, who again is the vice president of the United States, was attacked for not standing up to honor North Korean athletes.

Watch this.


SUNNY HOSTIN, CO-HOST “THE VIEW”: I thought Mike Pence said it was inappropriate to make political statements at sporting events.

WHOOPI GOLDBERG, CO-HOST “THE VIEW”: If you are in Korea, you need to stand up. You need to stand up and show respect.

The Olympics are supposed to be the one place where politics is not supposed to play a part. That’s my understanding.


CARLSON: Well, if you are surprised, you shouldn’t be, progressives have a long and dishonorable history of supporting the world’s most repressive regimes. No exaggeration. The New York Times. Just to name one example, supported Joseph Stalin even as he was murdering up to 12 million Ukrainians in the famous famine there. That paper also led the cheering for Fidel Castro as he turned Cuba into a police state.

In 1975, we were not making this up — when the Khmer Rouge swept to power in Cambodia, the Khmer Rouge — The New York Times made this prediction in a headline, quote: “For most, a better life.” One of the worst genocides in history followed shortly thereafter. Turned out not to be true.

Well, it’s hard to find a dictator the left has not supported. Chairman Mao, Hugo Chavez, Idi Amin — these people seem to have nothing in common but one thing: They all hate America.

Turns out all progressive activists also have one thing in common: They resent their fathers. That’s where their politics come from. The rest are just window dressing.

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