Kris Kobach: Deal ‘Remotely Acceptable’ Is Offsetting DACA Amnesty with Immediate Cuts to Immigration

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Kansas Secretary of State and gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach said “the only deal” on immigration that was “remotely acceptable” was one that gives an enforceable, limited amnesty to roughly 690,000 illegal aliens in exchange for immediate reductions to immigration levels.

In that interview with Fox News, Kobach said Rep. Bob Goodlatte’s (R-VA) immigration legislation is the sole, viable compromise on immigration that allows a small minority of illegal aliens to remain in the U.S. while giving American citizens immediate relief from decades of mass immigration.

KOBACH: Well, I think the best outcome would be the Goodlatte bill out of the House, which is a very limited amnesty, only for 700,000. And bear in mind, that amnesty is bad policy and it hurts our country, but it is outweighed by a bunch of good things: E-Verify for the whole nation, getting rid of chain migration. That’s the only deal that I think is even remotely acceptable.

But, you know Brian, what I see happening is this: Absolutely nothing coming out of the Congress, because we saw last week what the Senate did. They debated on four different proposals. None of those proposals could get to 60 votes. So what that tells the House members is ‘Look, if we spend weeks deliberating on a House bill, we’re going to throw it over to the Senate and it’s not going to pass the Senate anyway.’ So they may be thinking ‘You know what, why waste the time when we’ll spend all that time and energy and then the Senate will just throw it in the trash and do nothing.’

And just to clarify for people watching, what [the Common Sense Coalition immigration plan] meant was you aren’t going to be deported if you get to this country before June 30, 2018. And so it’s like basically telling all the illegal aliens who haven’t come in yet, ‘Hey, hurry up and come across the border because you want to get in before this date and we’re only going to deport people who arrive after that date.’ It was outrageous. It was like a prospect of amnesty for people who aren’t even here yet. It was ridiculous.

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