Whitlock: Steve Kerr a ‘Hypocrite,’ ‘Limousine Liberal’ for ‘Flippant’ Response to Question About Skipping Stephon Clark Protest

Monday, Fox Sports 1 “Speak for Yourself” co-host Jason Whitlock called Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr a “hypocrite” and “limousine liberal” for being “flippant” when asked about skipping the protest for Stephon Clark, who recently died at the hands of police.

Kerr defended his decision over the weekend to skip the rally, saying, “You can be accusatory if you like. I’m comfortable with what our team does and with what I do.”

Whitlock argued that Kerr comes off as a “limousine liberal” and “hypocrite” because he was so defensive.

“He looked like a hypocrite,” Whitlock stated. “He looked flippant. If you saw his comments even before that, he blew off the question — ‘What do you mean? We’ve got a basketball game. We’ve got to prepare for a basketball game.’ It was almost like, ‘Are you crazy? We’re here to play a basketball game and you want me to participate in some protest?’ And again, it’s easy to talk about it and to applaud from the sidelines and tell everyone, ‘Yeah, that’s right. Go and protest. Go do this, go do that.’ It’s all a bunch of virtue signaling not backed up by actions. And so I’m glad he was called out.”

Whitlock went on to say, “[H]e thought the whole line of questioning was preposterous and that’s my problem with the limousine liberal elites like Steve Kerr. Again, they’re great from their limo. And they’ll throw a check out the window, and say, ‘You take care of that. I’m going to be in my safe space and good luck with the march.’ He’s a hypocrite. I’m glad the guy called him out.”

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