Joy Behar: ‘We Have to Rely on the Sanity of Kim Jong Un and Putin’ Over Trump

Thursday on ABC’s “The View,” co-host Joy Behar suggested President Donald Trump was not as sane as North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

While the panel was discussing potential U.S. military action in Syria, Behar said, “We have gotten to a point in the world now where we have to rely on the sanity of Kim Jong Un and Putin over the president of the United States. That’s where we’re at.”

Co-host Meghan McCain fought back, saying, “My issue is the moral relativism between Putin and Kim Jong Un and President Trump. I think it’s easy to sort of sit here and say that.”

Behar asked, “Why do you think Kim Jong Un is less moral than Trump? Do you?”

McCain said, “Oh my God!”

Behar asked, “On what topic?”

McCain responded, “Chemical gassing of children. Last time I checked, America isn’t doing that to anyone.”

Behar replied, “Wait a second. Kim Jong Un doesn’t do that. I don’t know are you talking about?”

McCain said, “Joy, I’m trying—I’m really trying right now, and I know there is frustration about the way we’re communicating about this, and I completely understand it. But I will say it’s hard for me to sit here with moral relativism about Trump. If you think Putin and Bashar al-Assad and President Trump are the exact same thing, it’s when you lose all arguments with me in every way.”

Behar said, “Let me clarify what I said. What I’m saying is I see the two of them with backing off of war, and I see President Trump provoking war. That is what I see.”

McCain shot back, “If there is any understanding of history on this, Assad would not have the power he has right now if it weren’t for Putin amping him up, giving him military, bombing hospitals. Putin did that, and Trump didn’t do that.”

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