Oliver North: Syria a ‘Totally Failed State,’ Ultimate Outcome a ‘Completely Different Map’

Saturday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends Weekend,” network contributor Oliver North explained how he saw the Syrian civil war resolving itself in the wake of the American, British and French missile launches on Syria a night earlier.

North predicted a “completely different map” as the outcome and said that map would be up to those in the region, not the United States.

“Well, first of all, Syria is a totally failed state,” North said. “The ultimate outcome is going to be a completely different map than we’re looking at right now. And that’s not going to be our determination. That’s going to be the people on the ground working with others in the region. There are a lot of players in this. The most important message that was delivered last night wasn’t just to Assad.”

“It was also delivered to Tehran and Moscow,” he added. “They are the enablers of this kind of activity. They are the enablers of prolonging this war. The Turks are big players in all of this. The fact that you’ve got Egyptians and Jordanians and Qataris the UAE and Saudi Arabia backing this measure shows that there’s a momentum that’s being created to help fix this problem and stop atrocities that have been taking place inside Syria now for better than six years. This is a horrific war. It’s got to end.”

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