ESPN’s Van Pelt on Texas Shooting: ‘How Did We Ever Get to This Place?’

Sunday on ESPN’s “SportsCenter,” late-night host Scott Van Pelt discussed Santa Fe High School star baseball player Rome Shubert, who was shot in the head Friday in the school shooting that left 10 dead and in attendance the next day for his team’s playoff game.

Van Pelt reflected on past shootings, asking how America has gotten to this place where shootings are so common and people can just move on like nothing happened.

“I thought back to Columbine, how it felt as if our world stopped. We were paralyzed as a nation. It has happened again far too many times, whether it be Virginia Tech or at a theater in Colorado, and in Sandy Hook and it’s stopped us every time,” said Van Pelt. “Friday, shots rang out at Santa Fe High School and on Twitter I saw people wondering what Mike Francesca’s first tweet would be about. There was chit-chat about the games coming up over the weekend and movies and sure, I get it. People have lives to live and things to do. But how did we ever get to this place where this could happen? And 10 people are not coming home. And we just — go on about our business because that’s just the way it goes in America.”

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