Dershowitz: We Are Seeing ‘The Art of the Deal’ Illustrated with N Korea, Mueller, Iran

Friday on MSNBC’s “Live,” Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz said President Donald Trump was using his “negotiating tactics” as explained in his book “The Art of the Deal” when dealing with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un, special counsel Robert Mueller and Iran.

When asked if a Trump face-to-face with Kim Jong Un is more likely than a Mueller interview, Dershowitz said, “I think this is part of a negotiating tactic. I think we see two negotiations.”

He continued, “We’re seeing hardball being played in both instances. I think with Mueller we’re hearing the president say essentially through his lawyers, ‘look, if you give me the right deal, if you let me sit down to three hours with predetermined subject matter, limited period of time, I’ll do it.’ If not, ‘hey subpoena me, I have my legal rights, I’ll go to court, we’ll delay this thing for years, I may win on at least some of the issues.’ I think we see ‘The Art of the Deal,’ being illustrated both in North Korea and in Mueller and also with Iran. So I think we’re seeing very much a wheeler-dealer negotiating president. That’s his strength, and I think he likes to play that kind of a negotiating tactic.”

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