McCarthy: People From Tech Companies ‘Need To Come In’ – ‘The Bias Has to Stop’

While speaking with Hugh Hewitt on MSNBC on Saturday, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) reacted to Google listing Nazism as an ideology of the California Republican Party by stating that “the bias has to stop.” And “individuals need to come in.”

McCarthy said, “Well, this was disgusting. So, if anybody went and searched it through Google, which is the biggest search engine, 90% of everything on the Internet that’s searched goes through Google, the ideology didn’t say the party of Lincoln or the party of Reagan. It said our ideology was Nazism. They said they pulled that from Wikipedia. The tough part is, I was — talked about this beforehand, and I looked at Wikipedia, and it didn’t say Nazism on there. So, this is a real concern that the bias has to stop. Because if you just went a couple of days before to Instagram, and you searched Donald Trump, Jr., it gave you a warning that this site could be harmful and could actually cause death. So, that was a real concern of what’s going on. And then what happened at Amazon, kicking out the Alliance [Defending] Freedom, that you couldn’t give the charity money through there anymore, even though these people defend religious freedom before the Supreme Court, and that Amazon Smile, those customers can’t pick that charity anymore to give money to.”

Hewitt asked, “What do you do about this? Rather than, I think you’ve said that this has got to be a source of alarm, there’s got to be accountability, okay, if you’re the speaker of the House, what will you do about it?”

McCarthy responded, “I think individuals need to come in. There needs to be transparencies. Because we have to have a clear understanding. We have a 1st Amendment and others. People are controlling — if they’re controlling the feed of what people are seeing, that is fundamentally wrong. We have found, having Facebook come before Congress, that there is a problem there that the users, are they truly knowing what’s happening with their information and others? I think this is an area that Congress needs to look at throughout.”

On the prospect of regulation, McCarthy said, “Before I take the next action, I want to make sure I have all the information. The one thing I know is this bias has got to stop. If this continues along the way, that’s why I want to see more transparency. Let’s get all the facts, and let’s put a clear aim of the direction that we think is right for the American public.”

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