Podesta: Comey Made ‘Egregious Errors’ That ‘Gave Donald Trump the White House’

On Thursday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In,” former Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta stated that the “egregious errors of judgment” by then-FBI Director James Comey in his handling of the Clinton email investigation “gave Donald Trump the White House.”

Podesta said, “[T]here was a double standard at the FBI, that Mr. Comey made egregious errors of judgment in handling the Clinton email case, by first holding that press conference in July, and then, most importantly, and I think most harmfully to our campaign, releasing that letter publicly, against policy, against practice. It was condemned at the time by bipartisan leaders of the Justice Department, from the Bush other administrations going back, not just Democrats, but Republicans as well, who had served in senior positions. And it definitely — you know, it hurt her campaign, and I think it gave Donald Trump the White House. But what this report says is something I think we’ve known for 18 months, which is that a double standard was applied. They had a totally different view about how to manage the Russian investigation. They kept that completely under wraps.”

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