GOP Rep Jordan: We Are Prepared to Impeach Rosenstein If He Doesn’t Comply with Document Requests

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) said he would “file articles of impeachment” if Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein continues to not comply with the House of Representatives’ request for documents from the Department of Justice.

Jordan said, “If they don’t comply by today, the speaker has been clear and told me this personally: Our resolution that Mr. Meadows, I and others introduced two weeks ago, which says the full House will go on record and tells the Department of Justice if you don’t give us what we have within a certain time period, we’ll move to the next step. The resolution comes first. If Rosenstein doesn’t comply, then it’s contempt. And then we’re prepared to file articles of impeachment against Mr. Rosenstein – if he doesn’t give the House of Representatives, if he doesn’t give the Congress, a separate and equal branch of government, to give us the documents, to get answers for you and the press and, more importantly, the American people. It’s that basic, and we’re at the end of the line.”

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