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Joe Scarborough Summons Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban Coaching Philosophy to Rally Dems for Midterms


Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough elaborated on an op-ed he penned that appeared in Tuesday’s Washington Post by making a sports analogy.

Scarborough suggested Democrats look to the coaching techniques of Alabama head football coach Nick Saban, who according to Scarborough was looking at the next play and not at the scoreboard.

“I’ve noticed in columns, on Twitter, in commentary — especially over the last two or three weeks a lot of Democrats, a lot of left-of-center commentators are going into despair,” Scarborough said. “‘This is just too much, everything is coming at us,’ and dadada. Some gifted columnist and Mika Brzezinski and others are overwhelmed. That’s what Trump wants you to be: overwhelmed. I know you want a Nick Saban analogy. Alabama can be down by three touchdowns, and you know what the players are thinking about? The next play. He trains them — you just think about the next play. You don’t look at the scoreboard. You don’t care about the scoreboard. Look at the next play. Look at the blocking and tackling, and in this case — it’s organize, knock on doors, put up yard signs, get your team together for Election Day.

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