Hayden: Trump Needs to Confront Putin with Evidence on Russia Election Meddling at Summit

Friday on CNN’s “The Lead,” former Director of the National Security Agency General Michael Hayden said in light of the indictments of 12 Russian intelligence officers for hacking the Democratic National Committee, President Donald Trump should confront Russian President Vladimir Putin at their upcoming summit.

Hayden said, “My view is, it’s going to go on. We know that. They have already say that. If I were still in government, I would say it has to go on, but make that condition. This is your chance, Mr. President. You have to document beyond speculation. You actually have evidence, which the intelligence community couldn’t roll out in that intelligence community assessment. We have solid, forensic, detailed evidence that the president can make use of. So, as a citizen, I would say, let’s do it. Then I want to watch to see what the president does.”

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