WATCH: Brawl Breaks Out at Detroit Taco Joint After Customer Cuts the Line

A brutal brawl broke out inside a Detroit taco joint on July 13 between three customers when a man in a red shirt and cap sauntered to the front of the line.

The video, which went viral on Sunday, showed three customers trading blows inside Hot Taco Restaurant in Detroit, Michigan, as witnesses watched the spectacle unfold before them.

The brawl allegedly began when the man in the red t-shirt entered the restaurant and bolted straight to the front of the line. Restaurant staff and customers reportedly told the man not to jump the line, but he refused to listen to them.

Another man wearing a white t-shirt got angry and gave the line-cutter a piece of his mind. Their verbal argument soon turned physical when the customer grabbed the line-cutter by his throat and body-slammed him into the wall, according to the video.

The customer threw another punch in the line-cutter’s direction before a female bystander intervened to restrain him.

The two men went back to exchanging harsh words with each other when the queue-jumper refused to give away his spot at the front of the line.

“Back the f*** up bro!” the man in the white t-shirt yelled angrily before slapping the queue-jumper on the head, causing him to fall on his knees.

The man in the red t-shirt, coming to his senses, attempted to punch back at the customer. The red-shirted man punched the white-shirted man with such force that he fell to the floor while restaurant guests looked on in horror.

“Back the f**k up bro! Back the f**k up bro! You came here after me bro! You came here after me. Back the f**k up!” the angry, white-shirted customer shouted once again.

Suddenly, another angry customer in blue shorts got involved in the brawl. The third angry customer intervened by forcibly dragging the line-cutter by his red t-shirt away from the counter.

Both angry customers push the queue-jumper away from the counter towards the crowd of spectators before restaurant security intervened.

Meanwhile, the man in the red-shirt heads to the front of the line again like nothing happened.

After the incident, security staff ordered everyone involved in the brawl to leave the taco joint.


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