Jeanine Pirro: By Defending Sarah Jeong, The New York Times Is Saying ‘It’s OK to Be Racist if Your Target Is White’

Saturday on Fox News Channel’s “Justice,” host Jeanine Pirro railed against what she deemed to be hypocrisy by The New York Times.

Pirro criticized the paper for the addition of journalist Sarah Jeong to its editorial board. Jeong previously had made controversial remarks regarding the police and white on social media, to which Pirro said was a show of hypocrisy.

“The newspaper that has always prided itself on being there for the forgotten and on being on open-minded, fair-handed and is the citadel of the newspaper publishing world is now admitting to its own hypocrisy,” Pirro said. “By defending Jeong, they are saying it’s OK to be racist if your target is white. And they even say all the outcry is over old tweets — old tweets, as if three years ago is old. And they say she’s a young Asian woman. She has been subject to online harassment. As if hating cops or whites is OK if you say you have been harassed.”

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