Cavuto: Trump ‘Creating’ ‘Moral Bust’

On Thursday’s edition of the Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” host Neil Cavuto responded to President Trump saying that if he’s impeached, the market will crash, by stating that the president is so focused on a financial boom that he misses that he is “creating this moral bust.”

Cavuto said, “What the president is saying is, we’re all making gravy, so why stop the train? Well, I don’t know. Maybe because the train could be resting on shaky tracks, or the conductor of that train has said and done some shaky things, or at least said some inconsistent things. Look, good times should never be used to ignore bad things. I’m not saying unconstitutional things or even illegal things, but enough things to give pause. Yes, even in the face of a market rally that does not. Making money should never get in the way of simply getting answers, not answers that topple a government, maybe just clarify it, or force the government to clarify itself. That’s all.”

He continued, “All I’m saying is, you don’t prevent a constitutional crisis by threatening a financial one. Mr. President, you guarantee both when your very actions and words create that crisis or make people think, think that you’re hiding one. Like when you say that you knew nothing about payments to a stripper and a former Playboy model until you did, then explain your former lawyer, Michael Cohen, made those decisions, until we heard on tape that you did. Just like you said you knew nothing about a Trump Tower meeting back in June 2016 that included your son, Donald Trump Jr. and some Russian officials, then clarified that meeting really wasn’t about dirt on Hillary Clinton, it was about Russian adoptions, then clarified yet again, that nothing came of that meeting of which you knew nothing, so there’s nothing to see here, move on. But you see, that is the problem here. We can’t move on. Lots of stuff like that just keeps popping up here.”

Cavuto added that the president is “right to be frustrated, but [he is] part of what’s frustrating.”

He concluded, “You are so darned focused on promoting a financial boom that you fail to see that you are the one creating this moral bust.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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