Rush: The Free Market Is the Answer to Tech Bias

On Tuesday’s “Rush Limbaugh Show,” host Rush Limbaugh stated the free market is the answer to social media and tech bias.

After referencing a caller who suggested net neutrality as a solution to tech bias, Rush said, “[W]hatever you do, don’t fall for the idea that things have gotten so bad that the only way that we can make things fair is to demand government fix it. We, of all people, should know that’s not the way to deal or fix anything. The evidence is abundant on a daily basis. The answer to this, like it is in most everything, is the free market.”

He later added, “The free market here is the answer. The free market is the long-term answer. If the platforms that are out there are not suitable, are not fair, and in fact are harmful, then don’t use them. Establish your own. It can be done. The evidence is there each and every day.” He also said there “alternatives” to Google.

After discussing data collection and advertising, Rush stated, “I think the way to go after these clowns is anti-trust, but not net neutrality. I don’t want to get one more call here from anybody who thinks the way to fix this is to throw regulation to the government and say, we conservatives are getting an unfair shake, and we want you to take care of it, Uncle Sam. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong way to go about it.”

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