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Leading Bishop Says Catholics Are ‘Anti-Socialists’

One of America’s most popular and influential Catholic bishops told the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Friday that the Catholic Church has nothing in common with socialism but supports a “vigorous market economy.”

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Rush: The Free Market Is the Answer to Tech Bias

On Tuesday’s “Rush Limbaugh Show,” host Rush Limbaugh stated the free market is the answer to social media and tech bias. After referencing a caller who suggested net neutrality as a solution to tech bias, Rush said, “[W]hatever you do,

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GOP Congressman Attacked for Fighting Republican Establishment/Big Retailers on Finance Reforms

Rep. Ted Budd (R-NC) seemed a lot like Jimmy Stewart’s Mr. Smith as he fought the Republican establishment in the House of Representatives in Washington to include the repeal of the Durbin amendment in the Financial Choice Act of 2017— the legislation designed to reform the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act that’s proven damaging for small businesses and consumers and a financial boon for big businesses and banks.

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Larry Kudlow: Trump Tax Plan Will Bring ‘Tremendous Movement of Capital and Labor Back to the United States’

You’d see a movement, a tremendous movement, of capital and labor back to the United States, that’s in China and overseas, because we’d have a more hospitable business tax environment. You include immediate deductions for new business investment, and you include repatriation, which is all in Trump’s plan, and you’ve got yourself a powerful incentive to move back to the USA,” said Kudlow.

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Exclusive: Renowned Economist Says Pope And Trump Both Wrong

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, the renowned Peruvian economist Hernando de Soto said that both Pope Francis and Donald Trump suffer from an excessively Eurocentric worldview, leading them to see solutions to social ills in terms of walls

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Pope Francis: Universe ‘Not the Result of Chance’

Pope Francis is expressing his esteem for science, but also coming down hard against the “new atheists” such as Richard Dawkins who deny the existence of anything beyond the material world. Francis adds that “the Creator is infinitely greater than our knowledge.”

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Don’t Expect Pope Francis to Condemn U.S. Capitalism

Everyone knows that Pope Francis is capitalism’s number one critic, and he has been waiting for his U.S. visit to scold Americans on the economy, right? Not so fast. The fact is, that Francis has never been an enemy of capitalism and actually believes the free market is a good thing, as long as it has “limits.”

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Trump: ‘I Don’t Think the Pope Is Opposed to Capitalism’

When CNN reporter Chris Cuomo asked presidential candidate Donald Trump for his thoughts on Pope Francis Wednesday, Trump responded that he thought “he seems like a pretty good guy,” along with questioning whether the Pope was as anti-capitalist as some


Pope Francis Confesses He Knows Little about the Economy

In a striking series of admissions, Pope Francis told journalists on the flight back to Rome from Paraguay that he has an aversion to the economy, which he does not understand very well, and that he has neglected the middle class.

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Not Satisfied with Pope’s Economic Critique, the Left Invents More

The Huffington Post breathily exclaimed Sunday that Pope Francis had condemned “unbridled capitalism” while the New York Times similarly announced that the Pope had excoriated “global capitalism” in recent speeches in Latin America. None of this would be particularly remarkable,

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Moore vs. Krugman Throw-down at Freedom Fest

Heritage Foundation Distinguished Visiting Fellow and former Wall Street Journal contributor Stephen Moore squared off against New York Times columnist Paul Krugman in a war of economic arguments that pitted free market, supply-side economics against statist, Keynesian Obamanomics.

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French Reject Striking Unionised Taxi Drivers And Flock To Uber Instead

French taxi-drivers have had a kicking from the free market as travellers reject the unionised, expensive traditional cabs and instead joined the Uber service in record numbers. French taxi drivers rioted against the insurgent Uber taxi app last week, inadvertently


‘Reshoring’: Will U.S. Manufacturing Make a Comeback?

Call it “reshoring,” or “insourcing” if you prefer. By any name, a significant movement of manufacturing back to U.S. shores is exactly what our economy needs. Factory movement overseas has opened a hole in the American job market that nothing else can truly fill, a point stressed in blue-collar populist appeals from both political parties.

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Uber Taking over from Taxis in Key Metro Markets

Uber’s popularity overtook traditional taxi service for San Francisco and Dallas business reimbursements in the first three months of 2015, reflecting an overall nationwide trend toward the innovative transportation company, according to analysis of millions of receipts processed through expense management software provider Certify.

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