VandeHei: If Democrats Win House, They’ll Try To Impeach Trump

During a discussion of White House Counsel Don McGahn’s departure on Thursday’s edition of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Axios CEO and Co-Founder Jim VandeHei predicted that if Democrats re-take the House, they will try to impeach President Trump.

VandeHei said that the president first denied that McGahn would leave after the Kavanaugh hearings before later confirming that would happen.

VandeHei continued that it isn’t just McGahn’s departure, but the departure of several of his deputies. He stated, “This is a really big problem inside the White House…you’re losing lots and lots of talent at all the different various levels inside the White House, and they’re having an impossible time filling it. People don’t want to come in if they think they’re going to be discarded. People don’t want to come in if they think it’s just going to be constant infighting. People don’t want to come in if they think they’re going to have to lawyer up just to take a job for government. … If Democrats win the House, he’s going to be impeached. They’re going to try to impeach him, and you’re going to need lawyers who understand the impeachment process and put a lot of prior planning into it. If you don’t, you make mistakes.”

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