Woodward: ‘Some of the Things Trump Did and Does Jeopardize the Real National Security’


Watergate journalist Bob Woodward discussed his new book “Fear” Monday on NBC’s “The Today Show,” and accused President Trump and the White House of doing things that “jeopardize the real national security” of the United States.

Woodward refused to talk about any of his sources coming out and denying claims made in the book, but said of his book, “This has not been treated seriously enough.”

He continued, “Some of the things Trump did and does jeopardize the real national security. This country does some things in the intelligence world which are so important to protect the country — they are astonishing … [Trump] jeopardizes them. He jeopardizes the position in the economy by doing things that experts — you know, 99.9 percent of the people say, ‘Don’t do tariffs. It doesn’t work.’ He’s got it in his head and when people challenge him, he’ll say, ‘Oh, I’ve had those ideas for 30 years. You’re wrong.'”

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