Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo Slams Serena: ‘Who the Hell Are You?’

Monday, SiriusXM radio host Chris “Mad Dog” Russo criticized tennis star Serena Williams’ tirade at the U.S. Open after being penalized for receiving illegal coaching. Williams went on to berate the umpire and break rackets, even turning the situation into a sexist issue and about being a mother.

“Mad Dog” said the sexism issue is “nonsense” and asked Williams “who the hell” she is to make this situation about her being a mother when her coach admitted to giving her illegal coaching.

“These comments, ‘You’re never going to ref one of my matches again’ — who the hell are you?” Russo asked.

He added, “And then, among other things, she says. ‘Well, I’m a mother. I don’t cheat, I’m a mother.’ I don’t care what you are! I’m not interested. This is a tennis match. This is a sporting event. I’m not interested! … The idea that you’re the first person who’s had a child is absurd. And then throwing that into the equation when we’re in a grand slam final and you’re annoyed because you got instruction whether you knew it was instruction or whether you paid attention or not, you did get instruction — your coach admitted it.”

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