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CNN’s Toobin on Ford’s Testimony: ‘Sickening’ if Someone Thinks This Woman Is Lying


Thursday on CNN’s special coverage of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testimony against of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, network legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said it is “sickening” if someone thought “this woman is lying.”

Toobin said, “This is sickening to watch. I’m sorry, I mean, I just find this excruciating if someone thinks this woman is lying, I mean, just the idea that anyone could consider this false testimony. You know, you could not be more right about the experience. I’m even seeing it in social media, I’m seeing it in people I know. Women who have undergone experiences like this saying I can’t watch this because it is a triggering experience. You know, 50 years from now, people are going to be playing that exchange with Pat Leahy, where he says, what do you remember most, and it’s the laughter. That to me is going to be one of the indelible images of this decade, not just this testimony.”

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