Gutfeld: Dems’ Kavanaugh Failure ‘Is What Happens When You Decide to Burn the Village in Order to Save It’

Saturday on Fox News Channel’s “The Greg Gutfeld Show,” host Greg Gutfeld castigated the Democratic Party for its handling of the process of Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court associate justice confirmation.

Gutfeld argued in the show’s open it was about “you,” given the outcome was pushback against mob rule and the disregard for due process.

“It’s done,” Gutfeld said. “You won.  Yup, it was not about Kavanaugh at all. It wasn’t about the court what about you, the system that protects you and something called due process. But first, first congrats to you, Democrats. This is what happens when you decide to burn the village in order to save it. And because of that Republicans finally found their stones. After so much lunacy that we were forced to stomach by a media who would swallow anything, like The New York Times reports that Kavanaugh once threw an ice cube.”

“I guess the gang rape thing did not work, so that was your backup?” he quipped.

The Fox News host went on to emphasize the importance of November’s election, which he said would further teach the “mob” a lesson.

“This is a great day,” Gutfeld said. “Kavanaugh and Trump may well have saved the country by defeating the mob. We are all vulnerable to the mob. The mob is defined by these things: subversion of justice, punishment without evidence, a willingness to discard individual rights and protections for immediate political gain. A mob is defined not by diverse voices, but by people imitating one sound — the sound of rage. And that is why it is so scary. The mob is an unbending beast in which intimidation is t’s only commodity, which is why it’s not about Kavanaugh at all but about you. It’s about your kids, siblings, parents and spouses because the mob can happen to you, which is why this next election is huge. We must teach the mob a lesson.”

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