FNC’s MacCallum: Trump Like LBJ — He Just Tweets the ‘Crassness’

During an interview with Politico’s Anna Palmer on the Women Rule podcast, Fox News Channel’s “The Story” anchor Martha MacCallum said President Donald Trump was like the 36th U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson, whose “crass” Oval Office behavior was well documented.

MacCallum said, “This president is obviously a very unique individual. He is a character. And I think there have been a lot of presidents who have had a lot of similar qualities to him, really. I think we see his crassness through the tweets in a way that we never saw it in someone like Lyndon Johnson, for example, who also had a reputation for being extremely crass. So I think that all of that is much more visible in the environment that we cover. But I don’t think he is unique in the terms of some of the things that he says and does. I think in the past a lot of that was just said and done in the Oval Office or among colleagues and it didn’t alway see the light of day in the way it does now, for better or worse.

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