Valerie Jarrett: Trump’s Immigration Rhetoric ‘Sad,’ Political ‘Fear-Mongering’

Thursday on CNN’s “Newsroom,” former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett called the immigration video President Donald Trump tweeted a “sad page” of “political fear-mongering.”

Jarrett said, “Look, it’s just a sad page from an old playbook called political fear-mongering 101. We’ve seen it used time and time and time again. It’s designed to scare people and to motivate them to not focus on the issues that are really important—to distract them from issues that, as I travel around the country, I hear about from every day Americans—issues like health care.’

She continued, “Today is the first day to enroll in the exchanges. And I hear so many people are worried about losing their health care. Or the fact that we send our children to school and they have to go through active shooter drills. That never happened when I was growing up, or you were growing up. So there are some real issues that Americans should be focusing on, and these are just distractions intended to scare and intimidate.”

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