CNN’s Borger: Cohen Has Gone from Willing to Take a Bullet for Trump to ‘Pointing the Gun at Him’

Thursday on CNN’s “Right Now,” network chief political analyst Gloria Borger said President Donald Trump‘s former lawyer Michael Cohen pleading guilty to lying to Congress about a potential Trump Tower in Moscow was a “Shakespearian” twist.

Network justice correspondent Pamela Brown said, “It’s no coincidence that this happened after the President and his team turned in the responses to the questions for Mueller.”

Keilar said, “So that his written answers could not be influenced by this new information.”

Borger said, “It’s Shakespearian, because somebody who said he would take a bullet for Donald Trump is now pointing the gun at him, honestly.”

Brown said, “What are stuck out to me is on to the plea agreement papers. Robert Mueller said it would reveal the scope and nature of the agreement. There is more to come. This is not a good day for the president and his lawyers.”

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