Corker: Trump’s Conduct ‘Hurts Himself’ — ‘It’s Unnecessary’

Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) sat down for an interview with CBS “This Morning” anchor John Dickerson that aired Wednesday. In the interview, Corker discussed President Donald Trump behavior, which he said not only “hurts himself,” but also “hurts our country.”

“Obviously, I am a Republican. I love the number of judges that have been confirmed,” Corker told Dickerson. “But I think what the, where the president hurts himself and hurts our country, is his own personal conduct. It’s unnecessary. It’s an unforced error.”

“I think with President Trump, the part that’s disappointing, is that it’s – I know it to be purposeful,” he added.

Corker then warned that Trump’s behavior could affect how young people relate to each other.

“I speak out because, yes, I do think there’s a cost. I think there’s a cost to our young people throughout the country. I think there’s a cost to just the way people are relating to each other.”

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