Donny Deutsch: Trump Is ‘Repellent and Toxic’

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Deadline,” network contributor Donny Deutsch called President Donald Trump “repellent and toxic.”

Deutsch said, “The ones who have Toxic Trump syndrome for the rest of their lives. It’s ironic. In Trump’s net worth statement, he put in there $3 billion of worth just on name. The name is worth 3 million. Irony is the very thing that he’s traded on — he’s built this — he’s now repelled.”

He added, “Repelled to the point that it’s being taken off of buildings. Repelled to the point, if he walked into restaurants in 65 percent of this country, people would stand up and boo. Repellent to the point, such a sad story, in Delaware there’s a family named Trump and the little boy, they are changing his name because he was being bullied in school. The saddest example of how that name that has gone from aspiration that you could even attempt to say is worth billions of dollars is now both as a person and a name repellent and toxic.”

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