Ezekiel Emanuel: GOP Attacks on Obamacare Are ‘Driving the American Public’ Toward ‘Medicare for All’

Monday on Bloomberg, ObamaCare architect Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel said the Republican-backed lawsuit that resulted in U.S. District Court Judge Reed O’Connor’s ruling the Affordable Care Act was unconstitutional was “driving the American public” toward Medicare for all.

Emanuel said, “The Trump administration has pushed the so-called association plans and short term plans, everything we tried to get rid of in the Affordable Care Act that violates the spirit and the law of the Affordable Care Act. They are trying to undermine the exchanges. I would remind you and your viewers that the fact is, if you undermine the exchanges and people feel like their health care could be taken away, like if they have cancer they will not get health insurance because there is no longer protection for them, the only alternative is to flock to Medicare for all.”

He added,”What we have seen in the last few polls is a majority of even Republican voters support Medicare for all. That ought to wake the Republican party up that this relentless attack on the Affordable Care Act is happening—is having an effect, and the effect is to say—is not to say Republicans are taking down the Affordable Care Act, it is to say we need protection, let’s go to Medicare for all. That is where they are driving the American public because of their relentless attack on this free market approach to providing health care for all Americans.”

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